Saturday, May 20, 2006

In India for some time

I have been living in India for the past few months. I am amazed and delighted at most of the changes I have observed while staying here. My previous trips to India from the US were all 3-4 week long vacations, carefully planned during the months of March/April and Oct/Nov to capitalize on the small window when the weather is nice in Delhi. This time however has been very different. I have stayed long enough that my high-school friends now take my being around for granted. They won't drive 1.5 hrs one-way in rush hour traffic to just meet me at Barista (Indian version of Starbucks) anymore. I experienced the beautiful March/April weather and the hot June summer this time around too. Temperatures of 44 degrees Celcius (111 degrees F) have been a part of the daily routine. Talking about coffee joints, I think the coffee sucks in Delhi. I miss the flavorful cup of joe at Pete's Coffee in the Bay Area. Interestingly, some locations of Barista sell 3-4 different versions of espresso including Kenyan, Costa Rica. The imported varieties are twice as expensive. I ordered shot today at a Barista in Gurgaon. The lingering taste of the smooth flavor on my tongue took me back to my days of visiting my favorite coffee places on University Ave in Palo Alto. Thank god for Barista in India.

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