Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mobile phones in India

One thing that I find very fascinating is how cool people's cell phones in India are. The phones people carry in Delhi seem to be so much more advanced than the ones I see people carrying in the US. My friend, Nitin, bought a Nokia 3250 (,,80112,00.html). Nice phone with a 2 MP camera and an mp3 player and built in speaker. I did not expect the built-in speaker to be this good - it's quite loud and clear. The form factor is not as good (it's a bit bulky and the keys are not too great). I would love to get the N91 but spending $650+ on a cell phone is (,main_n91&lang=en&country=R1) is bit out of my budget. Given the rapid improvements in cell phone technology and falling prices, I am hopeful I can get one in a yr or two anyway.

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