Friday, October 12, 2007

Social Networking with a cause

Here's an interesting social network that lets you connect with people for domestic help.

Having been thru 5 car drivers in the last 6 months, this seems to be very promising. Some problem with my drivers:
1. driver 1: nice guy, drove very well, a true gentleman. however, called in sick all the time.
2. driver 2: very nice and polite kid. had a fake license. went home for 2 weeks to get a real one. had to let him go
3. driver 3: drove very well. BUT rude personality and a very bad attitude. took 4 days off without notifying me. had to fire him
4. driver 4: didnt show up on first day of work.
5. driver 5: drives ok, good attitude. but shows up late for work every single day. i have figured out how to put buffers in place to work around this. doesnt seem like a long term sustainable option.

I would hope referrals would fix this.

Once it's launched in Delhi, I am on this thing big time.
Excerpt from Aloo-Techie:
But both seek to achieve the same purpose — to help poor people like maids, cooks, drivers and watchmen to find jobs through the power of social network. Founded by a former Microsoft employee Sean Blagsvedt, Babajob currently focuses on Bangalore, with plans to spread to other Indian cities and perhaps globally.


Zeenat said...

I'll have to keep an eye on it for expansion in US ;-)

punjabdaputter said...

I am considering relocating back to India and your note on the 5 drives gave me a hearty laugh in the middle of a drab afternoon. Thanks!