Monday, December 10, 2007

We're hiring at Minekey

Here's the job description

Minekey develops applications and widgets for online social networks and blogs, using a proprietary recommendations technology.

iThink, Minekey's flagship product, is an opinion sharing and polling application for social networks. Currently the second most popular application in the politics category on Facebook, iThink is also available on Friendster and will soon be available to members of other leading social networks. With iThink, users can share their opinions about anything from politics, sports, entertainment, food and more.

Minekey has headquarters at Sunnyvale, CA and has development center in New Delhi, India and an R&D team at IIT Kharagpur. Minekey completed a Series A Round of financing in July 2007, led by Vinod Dham of NEA-IndoUS Ventures, acknowledged to be the Father of the Pentium chip.


Senior Software Engineer
• Design and deliver a world-class web application infrastructure for Minekey's next generation product.
• Drive the product through the lifecycle of conception, design, coding, testing and rolling into production
• Work closely with cross-functional teams including development, product management and QA on requirements gathering, analysis and testing
• Do whatever it takes to build and ship a world class product

Must have
• Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be a in startup
• Bachelors or Masters in computer science or related field with 1-5 years of work experience
• Strong programming experience in User Interface Design (Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX and UI development technologies) and/or
• Strong programming experience in Web Application development (PHP/ASP/JSP/SQL)
• Be an excellent team player

• Experience developing applications/widgets for social networks such as Facebook (FBML), OpenSocial/Orkut, iGoogle, Friendster etc.
• Expert knowledge of development in the LAMP environment
• Experience building high-end scalable distributed systems
• Research or industry experience in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
• Live and breath Web 2.0 technologies including blogging, social networking platforms etc.

Location: Gurgaon, India
Send resumes to careers at minekey dot com

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